Examine your patterns.
Understand their impact.
Enhance your relationship.

A two part course for those that are ready to honestly examine the root of their relationship patterns, gain insight into their day to day interactions, and learn practical tools to enhance their connections.



  • Attachment Styles

  • Imagos 

  • Masculine & Feminine 

  • Relationship Stories and Beliefs 

  • Communication 

  • Frustrations & Negotiations 

  • Tools & Repairs 

  • Boundaries

  • Red Flags, Red Lines


Class will Incorporate:

  • Codependency

  • Dating Tips

  • Divorce Tools


I got more out of last night's class than I did in 5 years of therapy. Your knowledge and insights are just beyond incredible. I took notes on everything you said even though we had the workbook.

The course was a BEAUTIFUL SMASHING SUCCESS!!!! you literally encapsulated my whole relationship.. I love how easy it was to follow along without feeling super overwhelmed! Everything you said made so much sense that even if it didn't apply to me I was able to understand/relate and feel empathy.

I had a few epiphanies from last weeks course about our attachment styles and the tug of war. We took it into our marriage therapy session and we had the most healing session in the last two years. My husband said: " I think this holds a key into the repair of our relationship"

Hi you! I’m Alaya, and I’m so grateful you stopped by my space to learn more about me and what I do.

As a certified sex and relationship coach with a Masters degree in education and extensive and diverse professional training, I have built my life around sharing my expertise and knowledge to help my clients enjoy and get the most out of their relationships — and life.

I support my clients via 1:1 coaching work as well as hosting (really informative and really really entertaining) workshops. My core mission, passion and purpose is to empower and educate people to elevate themselves, their relationships and their sex lives through direction, healing and grace.

My background professionally is enhanced by my personal experiences, which I always bring with me energetically into our work together.

My unique approach has helped people find their voices, implement desired changes in their lives, level up their relationships, learn to lovingly place boundaries, become shame free (and pleasure-full!) sexually, and experience more wholesomeness, authenticity and freedom in their lives.

Whether healing their childhood and attachment wounds, or wanting to learn how to manifest their dreams, I hold space and offer techniques and tools so they can deeply and fully step into who they are, to be free and empowered to design the life they have always wished for.

I am honored to be able to share my passions and gifts with you! Thank you for being here. <3