Create the sex life you desire inside... 



A Two part foundational and elevated sex education course featuring the sex education we wish we had!


Topics To Be Explored:

-Releasing shame and blockage around sex 

-Common challenges around size, stamina, mismatched libidos, waning or loss of attraction, sexual anxieties, dysfunctions, lack of emotional connection.

-Orgasms how to's for males and females

-Insight and inspiration for positions, masturbation, erotica, foreplay anal play, fetishes, BDSM, fantasies and more!                                     

"Whatever I’ve known about sex in my past years has not been accurate. I did a lot of guesswork and assuming, until I chose to educate myself, mainly by taking your courses. Because of you, I am more comfortable talking about sex and sexuality with my sisters and friends. Im not afraid or ashamed of wanting to explore and get to know more about my own body and sexuality. I am excited and looking forward to these glorious experiences- alone and with a partner."


"My husband and I sat together and watched and this opened up the door for us to be able to communicate about sex more openly and gave us specific tips to help. Our issue has been the discomfort around talking about sex and the lack of education there's only so much you can Google about the female orgasm that's actually helpful! It was extremely helpful that we watched it together so I didn't have to go explain things to him later! We plan on making a conscious effort now that we have the new tools and although it'll be uncomfortable in the beginning, it's worth it for what will come out of it.
"I really like how clear you exlain things and breakdown the common misconceptions and narratives about sex. For example womans orgasms and squirting (something porn is really misleading about), letting people know that they shouldn't feel ashamed for masturbation or wanting sex. Even if masturbation is against your values or religion, you should still work on not feeling ashamed!