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A two part interactive course on the five languages of eroticism. Learn the sexual blueprints so you can express and experience the sexual intimacy that turns you on most.

Does this sound like you?

Do you ever feel like you and your partner are just speaking two  different languages in bed? 
  • Do you have fantasies that you feel afraid to share and barely understand yourself?
  • Do you feel like your partner is just going through motions and you’re desperate to know how you could spark their passion? Or wish you could spark your own passion?
  • Do you feel like your turn on is just  beyond your reach and you just can’t figure out what does it for you?
  • Are there things you want that you don’t even know how to ask for and wish your partner would just know you want?
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding of who you are sexually and how to connect more with that person?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions this course is for you!

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Hey there!


We've all heard about the 5 Love Languages and have largely come to know and understand ours and those of the people we love. Many of you watched my IGTV series Love Languages Translated and found them to be such profound insights into the love languages in your life and gained so much!

But most of us don't know that there are also 5 sex langauges, 5 Erotic Blueprints as Miss Jaiya calls them, 5 forms of turn on that appeal to each of us on different levels. We all have our primary sex langague that's going to turn us on more than other things and deeper, without the presence of our sex language, our pleasure and passion might be dull or even non-existent. Your partner can be offering you the hottest things but if it's not your language you might just stay turned off. And on the flip side, the same exact scenario with added elements of your turn on language can take your pleasure to the most delicious of places!

Join my two part course to learn each of the 5 languages: how to feed them, turn them on, expand your interactions, and experience the pleasure that’s uniquely yours.


This course will explore:


What each type truly is?

What feeds and turns on each one?

What types of touch, words, play, flirtations, elements, and actions each language most loves?

What turns each one off?

Potential shadow sides for each blueprint.

Incorporating two blueprints in one relationship.

Expanding into another language.

Interactive Moments

During the two classes we will learn and play games, exercises, and conversational scripts to use with yourself and/or a partner to experience and implement all of the above.

What you'll be getting

Two Classes + Bonuses

Video & Audio Versions Available

  • Video Class Recording
  •  5 Hours of Instruction
  •  60 Days unlimited access to video replays
[BONUS] PDF handout with notes and takeaways

($1,100 value)


per person/household/couple

25% discount available for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse please DM or email
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Meet Alaya


Hi you! I’m Alaya, and I’m so grateful you stopped by my space to learn more about me and what I do.

As a certified sex and relationship coach with a Masters degree in education and extensive and diverse professional training, I have built my life around sharing my expertise and knowledge to help my clients enjoy and get the most out of their relationships — and life.

I support my clients via 1:1 coaching work as well as hosting (really informative and really really entertaining) workshops. My core mission, passion and purpose is to empower and educate people to elevate themselves, their relationships and their sex lives through direction, healing and grace.

My background professionally is enhanced by my personal experiences, which I always bring with me energetically into our work together.

My unique approach has helped people find their voices, implement desired changes in their lives, level up their relationships, learn to lovingly place boundaries, become shame free (and pleasure-full!) sexually, and experience more wholesomeness, authenticity and freedom in their lives.

Whether healing their childhood and attachment wounds, or wanting to learn how to manifest their dreams, I hold space and offer techniques and tools so they can deeply and fully step into who they are, to be free and empowered to design the life they have always wished for.

I am honored to be able to share my passions and gifts with you! Thank you for being here. <3


It’s so liberating to learn and hear all the misconceptions about sex get broken down and corrected. I love all the solutions! So realistic, practical, exciting and fun! Definitely going to explore them all with my spouse!





Because of your courses, I am more comfortable talking about sex and sexuality. I'm not afraid or ashamed of wanting to explore and get to know more about my own body and sexuality. I am excited and looking forward to these glorious experiences- alone and with a partner. My future orgasms thank you! My future husband will be luckier than he thinks!!

As my sex coach, Alaya helped me understand my sex style thereby helping me create confidence in my sex life. She opened me up to my desires and needs and gave lots of ideas and suggestions. Me and my husband took it to the next level and it’s definitely more interesting and exciting since then!!



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