A two part course for singles and couples who want to receive the gifts of dating at every stage of a relationship. Learn how to utilize dating to gain an inner knowing of who you are, draw in the partner you truly want and deepen the relationship you already chose. Designed to help you date intentionally, date consciously, date intimately, and ultimately…use dates to relate


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Does this sound like you?

  • My partner and I barely knew each other when we first got married, we have 4 kids at this point and I’m not sure much has changed
  •  I’m single and I really want to learn how to date in a way that will call in the relationship I truly want
  •  I wonder what are good things to ask, look out for, notice, talk about and do on dates?
  •  We have the classic go out to eat date night twice a month but we don’t really come home feeling closer.
  •  I want the people I date to really get to know me but I just don’t know how to show them my true self
  •  My partner and I get along great and really love each other and I would love for ways to build on that, get to know each other even deeper, and expand our intimacy!
  •  So much time has passed since my spouse and I originally dated, we’ve both changed and grown, our desires, needs, and perspectives have changed and grown….. It feels like we need to ‘meet’ each other again.
  •  I’m back in the dating world again and I feel like a stranger to it; dating has changed so much, the world has changed so much, I have changed so much! Help! How do I date in this??
  •  I have an unhealthy relationship in my past and I want to make sure my next relationship will be healthy and strong
  •  We had a great dating experience, but it was so long ago and now we have kids and careers and responsibilities and it would be so nice to just date again and experience that sense of excitement, connection and investment in knowing each other!

Single, Committed, Married…Who is this course actually for?

 I went back and forth on this exact question over and over again! Ultimately I deeply realized that at every stage of relationships, dates are so valuable, so needed, and so important. Relationships without continuous growth and exploration fall apart and go stale. But I also really really wanted to hone in on dating while single! So…

Part 1 of the course is specifically for singles and for anyone who barely dated their partner and feels like they really missed out. It’s all about the prerequisites, the early stages, the discovering who you are, the clarity on what relationship you want, and what you need to find out in order to safely say, “Yes. You. I want to invest in and commit to and relate to you.”

Part 2 of the course is for when a commitment of any kind has already been made (officially dating, living together, engaged, married), or you’re ready to take your new relationship to a greater level. When you want to deepen your friendship, your connection, your knowing of one another, and your relationship container. Part 2 is all about what conversations to have, how to deeply dive into the important things, what practices to play with, how to be a safe space, how to actually *like* and *enjoy* the relationship you’re in!

 I am confident you will gain deeply, learn a lot, and love what you receive in both parts regardless of your current relationship status. But for the first time ever, I’m offering the option  of joining for parts 1&2 OR just part 2. Tune in your desire, intuition, core and soul… which is right for you now?

What you'll learn:

Class 1 :

  • Self work before/while dating
    • When am I ready
    • What do I need to know
    • Who do I need to be
  • Early dating conversations:
    • What to talk about
    • What to ask & what to tell
    • How to talk about it all
  • Boundaries and deal breakers  while dating: How to have them, how to spot them, how to handle when they are crossed 
  • Red Flags, Pink Flags, Green Flags
    • How to spot them
    • How to respond
  • Relationships vs. Situationships
  • Practical tools to deepen connection and expand intimacy
  • Breakups:
    • Processing rejection
    • How to end things
    • When to walk away
  • Dating through transformation
    • Post divorce/big breakup
    • Life/career change

Class 2 :

  • A new framework for Dating
  • When your existing relationship is shifting along with your personal or life shifts
  • Using dates to facilitate conversation about key topics:
    • Conversation starters
    • Questions to ask
  • Topics to explore together
    • Commitment
    • Conflict
    • Sex and Love
      • Love Languages
    • Money and Work
    • Family
    • Religion
    • Fun
    • Dreams and Desires
    • Growth and Healing


Both Classes :

  • Stories, strategies and wisdom from my 10+ years of dating experiences

Hey there!


If you’re single and wanting a relationship… you’re going to be dating people. If you come from a faith based community you might have barely or only briefly dated your partner. If you’re in a long term relationship or marriage, and you want to keep the spark alive, keep connecting, and keep investing you’ll need to keep dating one another.

In any and all of those scenarios learning how to date is the pathway to a relationship you want to be in. But do we really know how to date? How to use your dates to cultivate connection and desire and a true knowing of one another? How to date safely and consciously to choose your partners well? What to talk about on dates to foster depth, what to do on dates to call in more fun, and how to date to create a relationship?

I want you to answer yes to each of those questions! But I know most people don’t know how and that’s my intention and commitment for this two part class. Designed to help you date and continue to date your partner to build true partnership, true authenticity, and ultimately… date to relate.


What the workshop includes:



Two Masterclasses + Bonuses

  • 2 Video/Audio Class Recording
  •  2 Hours of Instruction Per Class
  •  30 Minutes of Q&A Per Class
  •  60 Days unlimited access to video replays

($1,400 value)





A Masterclass + Bonuses

  • Video/Audio Class Recording
  •  2 Hours of Instruction
  •  30 Minutes of Q&A
  •  60 Days unlimited access to video replays​

($700 value)



PDF handout with notes and takeaways

A 6 week Dating challenge designed for you

30% Discount for FULL course available for single parents dating again; email [email protected] for the code.

About Me


I’ve dated in a multitude of ways! I practiced faith based dating in my early 20’s, then met, dated and married my husband. I got divorced and reentered the dating apps, blind dates, single events exhausting dating world again for 3 years. After that I  began redating my ex-husband, built a new relationship with him, got remarried on our original wedding anniversary, and we now date to deepen and expand our intimacy. So I think it’s fair to say I have experience with many different types of dating 😉

Through coaches, therapy, courses, retreats, programs and applying my learnings to my real life relationships, I learned a tremendous amount myself, about cultivating the relationship I want, and how to use dates to facilitate both. Along the way I learned an abundant amount of skills, tools, practices, perspectives, teachings, and wisdom that I am so ready to share with all of you.

Plus, I am a certified sex and relationship Coach with a master’s degree in education. I have seen the profound impact of my teachings on my clients and thousands of past course participants. I cannot wait to witness your transformation!



Wow! Wow!! I am blown away at the course. I am so happy I signed up! This was so informative, helpful and loved how engaging you were! It helped me put my thoughts in perspective. Been in Shidduchim for many many years; this was very validating and an eye opener where I made mistakes!! I can’t wait to date with a different eye and I am optimistic hopefully very soon to share the good news that I met my other half and I got engaged!!!!

Just wanted to say I am genuinely blown away by everything I learned last night. Dating as an SA survivor is really hard, but your course gave me solid information about how I should be approaching dating and finding a partner. I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t such a personally transformative experience. I feel really confident and empowered to re-enter the dating pool, with the knowledge that I’ll be picking better partners because I am approaching dating in a different way than before. Thank you, thank you, thank you �


I loved the idea of the conscious framework; it’s very logical and yet so different from the usual “what are you looking for?” You offered a lot of practical guidance both for making sure we’re in a place to have a healthy relationship and also questions to ask to easily elicit information needed when trying to see whether the other person is in a place to give what we want and need and I think all of these tools will be very useful when put into practice. I appreciated your outlook on not settling- it was very refreshing when often the message is the opposite.


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