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Creating the Family You Want to Parent

Access to view 5-part Video Series of A Parenting class covering:

Class 1 : The Four Key Shifts- A Foundation Participants will gain a deeper insight into their own trigger thoughts and how those blind us to the real challenges children face , and understand deeply at all behavior is a form of communication . Participants will learn to take responsibility for their own emotions , reactions , and choices , and empower children to do the same . Participants will learn the power of perception and the skill of composure and how to utilize both of those tools in moments of calm and in moments of conflict . Class 


2 : Assertiveness and Visual Routines Participants will gain practical elements of conscious discipline in terms of strategies and skills , learn how to give assertive instructions that foster a sense of safety and willingness within children , learn how to create visual routines and apply them . Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how the child's brain learns and processes information and how to best support that with words and actions. 


Class 3: Connection: Create and Maintain Participants will learn what a true moment of connection actually is and learn the value and necessity in having authentic connecting moments each day along with very practical ideas for how to weave connection into their day in a variety of ways . Participants will learn how to identify and support connection resistant children and how to form secure and healthy attachments. 


 Class 4: Brain States; Identify and Respond Participants will learn the Brain State Model; the 3 states of each person's brain: what they are, what they each do, what they each need, and how to recognize each state Participants will learn how to respond to behaviors based on which are of the brain the child is in. Participants will learn the DNA strategy to help move a child from fight or flight mode into problem solving mode 


Class 5: Q&A: Your Questions, Answered Participants will submit questions of their choosing in advance and throughout the class those questions will be answered in depth, with insight, and with the offer of various tools and skills to support the needs of the child.