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Heal and expand your relationship with money through mind, body and soul

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This is for you if you…

  • Are tired of the ways scarcity is draining you
  • Are already experiencing money and wealth, but want to experience deeper abundance
  • Feel controlled by money and the not enoughness of it
  • Know abundance is your birthright but don’t know how to access it
  • Have money traumas, wounds and fears
  • Have the money but you’re constantly afraid of losing it
  • Feel a physical contraction in your body when you think about money, wealth or abundance
  • Desire a relationship with abundance, money and wealth that feels expansive

This is for you if you desire to…

  • Clear money blockages in your mind AND body
  • Make more money with ease
  • Have a safe and pleasurable relationship with abundance
  • learn how to attract more money without having to try really, really hard.
  • know what abundance actually feels like in your body and nervous system
  • trust that if any blocks were to come up with money, you’d be able to clear them
  • know that you can create sustainable wealth
  • create that synergy between your mind and your body working together to make you a match for wealth 

It’s my profound honor to welcome you into ABUNDANCE

A two night masterclass and Goddess dance duo to heal and expand your relationship with money through mind, body and soul.

Learn the wisdom for the psyche on Wednesday night and anchor it into the body somatically on Thursday night.

Experience a holistic initiation into abundance.

*Can be purchased individually or as a duo. MOST TRANSFORMATIVE AS A DUO* 

What’s waiting for you in AbunDANCE:

In the Masterclass-open to ALL:

  • Reprogram the subconscious. 
  • Understand the fight, flight, fawn or freeze of money
  • Practical tools to build wealth
  • Unconscious archetypes of scarcity
  • Conscious archetypes of abundance
  • Masculine and Feminine practices for wealth

In the Goddess Dance- Open to women only:

  • Somatic clearing of scarcity
  • Somatic integration of abundance
  • Healing your nervous system blockages
  • Experiencing the pleasure and safety of wealth and abundance
  • Trusting money and abundance

What’s included in the duo: 

  • 1 masterclass with 1. 5 hours of teaching + 30 minutes of Q&A
  • 3 months replay access to masterclass
  • 1 Goddess Dance
  • Bonus: Goddess Dance playlist to all participants 
    • (even if you didn’t join the actual dance!)

The Details: 

Wednesday, Masterclass March 8th 8:30-10:30 pm EST

Thursday, Goddess Dance March 9th 8:30-10:30 pm EST

Masterclass $55 - Checkout link here! 

Goddess Dance $33- Checkout link here! 


Questions you might have:

  • Can my husband/partner join the class?

YES! For the same price you and your partner can join the masterclass. The women only rule still applies for the Goddess Dance portion! 

Partner does not refer to roommate, sister or good friend. While you can definitely watch and dance together you do each need to sign up and pay individually.

I’d love for my male partner to experience the somatics though- any tips?

Everyone will receive the playlist after and you can lead your partner through the dance portion on your own! This is such a win win because you’ll both experience the somatics plus you’ll bring dance into your partnership yum!

  • If I can only join the masterclass will I still benefit?

Of course! Ideally you experience both. I’m offering this as a dual offer  because I believe and know deeply that the combination provides the full holistic experience. And I also trust in each one separately as healing, expansive and profound. Perhaps you’re meant to learn the psyche wisdom for now and later you’ll bring in the somatics. 

If I could only make one of them I would definitelllyyyyyyyy do it; I know what I’m teaching inside and I promise you don’t wanna miss out! 

  • If I’ll only join the dance will I still benefit?

Again, my vote is going to keep being in favor of both! But if you can only come to the dance party then absolutely you’ll still gain! This will be my sixth Goddess Dance and I’ve seen the gorgeous healing, gifts and benefits women are experiencing from them and this one will be no different. You’ll still experience the joy, play, sisterhood, relief, regulation, clearing, and expansion but the teaching portion of this one will largely be offered in the masterclass the night before. 

  • Why is somatic anchoring so important for abundance?

Intellectual anchoring isn't going to get you the full transformation you're going for because sometimes there's blocks within the body and nervous system. So even though your mind says, “I'm a match for wealth. I love money. I trust that I’ll be financially secure,” your body is saying, “ummm no we’re not. I’m scared of money. I have deep trust wounds.” 

And that resistance can be keeping you stuck! 

This holistic combination is you going in and doing the deep work that actually gets your body and mind on the same level in all areas. So they can elevate into wealth.

  • Does my camera have to be on in order to join the dance class?

Your camera must be on for security reasons to protect everyone there up until the actual dancing starts but once it does and my amazing assistant Danielle has already confirmed and seen your face, you may turn it off. 

But... definitely try to challenge yourself and keep it on even just for a little- you may be surprised at the outcome ;)